dulce de leche-stuffed chocolate covered strawberries

Photo Credit: Kathy Wolfe Photography
Photo Credit: Kathy Wolfe Photography

Chocolate-covered strawberries are the ultimate indulgence. The dulce de leche is a subtle surprise, as it is gloriously tucked inside a layer of thick semi-sweet chocolate, and completely unexpected!  Make sure to use the thicker confectionary dulce de leche for this recipe so the chocolate covering stays nice and thick.  Don’t worry about perfection with these strawberries; the thick chocolate covering makes everything looked dressed up and ready for a party.  I make them to surprise friends, to decorate cakes, for school holiday parties, or to make stunning brochettes for summer parties.  They are also a fun way to get my kids in the kitchen.

Confectionary dulce de leche

Bittersweet 60% cacao chocolate

White chocolate

Cleaned, dry strawberries

USING AN OFFSET SPATULA, generously spread confectionary dulce de leche over cleaned, dried strawberries.  (I like to clean my strawberries the night before I use them to let them dry completely overnight.)  This is never perfect; just try to keep the dulce de leche somewhat even.


Place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and refrigerate or set in a cool place for half an hour to set; then melt dark and white chocolate in a double boiler, and dip away.  Long-stemmed strawberries are easiest to use and also create a dramatic visual impact. They are more pricy though, and regular strawberries taste just as good!

Photo Credit: Kathy Wolfe Photography
Photo Credit: Kathy Wolfe Photography

Allow to set in a cool place for an hour before serving. 


You’re family and friends will love the golden surprise waiting within each strawberry!