The Woman Behind the Name

dorita-1La Dorita’s business philosophy is simple…stay true to the food, stay true to family, and lend a helping hand where needed, just as our company’s namesake, Grandma Dorita, would have done.

Our mission is inspired by the decades of philanthropic work that our founder, Josephine Oría’s, Grandmother, María Dora Germain (“Dorita”), selflessly provided during her lifetime in La Plata, the capital city of the province of Gran Buenos Aires in Argentina. For more than 20 years, Dorita volunteered her time to cook for and serve her community’s at-risk children at Casa Del Niño Esperanza (“Child Hope House”), a non-profit organization established in 1984 to offer literary support and meals to children of families with limited resources.

Dorita is also the inspiration behind our dulce de leche products that are representative of the owner, Josephine C. Oría’s, Argentine heritage. Our sdorita-2pecialty product line is inspired by the recipes Dorita passed down to Josephine as a child. Grandma Dorita spent hours in the kitchen. She loved cooking for Josephine and her five brothers and sisters when visiting from Argentina. Josephine loved being in the kitchen with her. Some of her fondest memories are of spending hours kneading dough, rolling out homemade gnocchi, and making homemade cakes and desserts with her. She taught Josephine how to cook, but never allowed her to write down one single recipe. Gastón and Josephine now feed their four boys and daughter with the same care and dedication that Grandma Dorita showed Josephine and her family when growing up. Grandma Dorita turned 90 in September of 2009. In honor of her birthday, Josephine bottled her up, along with the delicious experiences she has shared with her, and shared her Argentine Grandma with families, friends and gourmet connoisseurs who still long to make every meal special.