Inside the Jar

All that is required to make a small batch of artisanal dulce de leche is a humble four-ingredient beginning, a faithful stove and time—a lot of it.

Our dulce de leche is made exactly as my grandma taught us: in small copper-kettle batches using fresh-from-the-farm milk provided by Le Ara Farms, a local dairy that produces only antibiotic-free milk. We combine the milk with a few other natural ingredients that fervently come together to create our signature golden flavor and maximum creaminess. The finished product has a smooth, lush texture that only natural ingredients can create. We never use chemical additives, preservatives, glucose syrup, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), thickeners or artificial flavorings, unlike the majority of foreign-based dulce de leche competitors. Authentic dulce de leche is meant to be a clean spread that is gluten-free and devoid of additives that cannot even be pronounced by the average consumer.

Our Ingredients